Professionalism with a Personal Touch

Premier Resorts Group prides itself on doing business the right way. We believe that, just like any other industry, resort sales can benefit from refined processes, transparent business practices, and positive client relationships.

We deeply value each of our resort partners and we understand the work that goes into their properties. If you’re looking for team that can give your HOA the attention it needs, PRG wants to work with you. Reach out to get started.
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60+ Years of Industry Experience

PRG’s leadership team has over 60 combined years of industry experience. Our members have worked for every major brand and with every type of resort on the market. Together, we have a combination of experience, enthusiasm, and integrity that can’t be matched by any other resort management group.





Your Resort, Your Way

You’re proud of your resort. You’ve spent decades cultivating the perfect environment for your guests, and you don’t want to change things just to meet the standards of a large corporation. At the same time, you’re looking for a sales team that can help you sell more inventory and maintain the financial health of your resort.

At PRG, we believe that legacy resorts should be allowed to keep their properties the way they’re intended to be. We fight for every HOA’s right to follow their own guidelines while seeking financial stability and appealing to a modern market.

When you work with PRG, you work with a team that truly cares. Contact us to become our next partner.
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