PRG was founded on the principals that you can deliver exceptional results for HOA's and provide our guests with the best possible buying experience. When our team first came together, we knew that legacy resorts were looking for something different. We had the skills, understood the trade, and were ready to make an impact.
In 2014, we founded Premier Resorts Group. What started as a small business operating out of New Bern, NC has grown into a national organization that sells for resorts of all shapes and sizes. 

PRG’s success stems from the belief that we can deliver on every promise. Our resort partners and their guests deserve smooth sales operations, intelligent plans, and exceptional customer service. By combining decades of industry experience with a modern take on interval sales, we’re able to deliver a level of personalized service that large corporations simply can’t offer.

At PRG, we value every property that we manage and constantly seek to improve our partners’ experiences. Once you start working with us, you’ll immediately see the difference.
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